Prof. Dr. Roland STAUDINGER, PhD, MSc.

Prof. Dr. Roland STAUDINGER, PhD, MSc.

managing director

+43 676 5221283

Roland has strong background and experience in various fields of the international Healthcare Industry, in the academic field as well as in Top Management functions and leading positions.

As co-founder of AQUILIA GROUP he aims to bundle and focus his experience and network structure to guarantee a high outcome level of all AQUILIA business fields and partner as well as client projects.

Before he co-founded AQUILIA, he was Executive Vice President for international Health Care projects and Member of the Executive Board of the FRESENIUS VAMED Group and he was in charge for more than ten years in various, parallel functions.

For VAMED’s hospital and health care facility development and management business, he was the head of the Asia – Pacific branch and responsible for all markets and projects in this area with a strong focus to China, Thailand, Malaysia and Australia and for a certain period for South America.

The project and business range covered all types of health care facilities, from acute care to rehabilitation, medical wellness and prevention and all types of business approaches, from greenfield projects to operations and change management opportunities.

For five years, he was co-responsible for the operations of all VAMED`s medical facilities in Austria and Swiss, for the market entry in UK and he was Managing Director in the VAMED MEDITERRA Group (Czechia) with the target to double size this group of hospitals within three years, which was successful.

He acted as member of the board of directors in HNA Unicare international hospitals (Hainan, China), in CIRCLE-VAMED Rehabilitation Group (London, UK), as member of the supervisory board in ZIHLSCHLACHT Rehabilitation AG, Swiss and as head of the supervisory board in MELNIK Hospital AS, Czechia.

From 1990 till 2005 he was the Managing Director and CEO of a largest public and academic hospital group in Western Austria. The “Tirol Kliniken”. He was responsible for the installation of a holding company for all Tyrolean hospitals, the adaption of the strategic position of the medical profile and the academic support programs and the clinical affairs. He also was in charge for the new business development in the field of health care industries for the government of Tyrol, Austria. In this function, he also was responsible for the estimation of 22 new international acting health care companies and international joint ventures in biochemistry, medical informatics and technology in cooperation with international brands like SIEMENS, CERNER and others.

 In 2006 he was elected as Vice Rector of the Medical University Innsbruck, Austria, and responsible for clinical affairs and development, he also was Chairman of the University of Medical Informatics and Technology in Tyrol, this University is owned by the country of Tyrol.

He was Colonel of the Austrian Army (Medical Division, focus on crisis and pandemic prevention and interventions) and served in the United Nation peace-keeping troops in the Middle East. He was consultant for the ministry of defense, the ministry of public health and the ministry of science and education in Austria.

He is author and co-author of eight books and 122 scientific papers.

His academic background is Law and Medical sciences, he holds a PhD in Law (Law Faculty of Innsbruck, public law and medical law) and a PhD in Medical sciences (Medical Faculty Halle Wittenberg, Germany, in public health).

He became Professor in 2002, appointed by the President of the Republic of Austria.

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