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Dagmar is a creative, multinational and multidisciplinary manager and personality – with focus on human-centered industries and healthcare.

She has several years of experience with management of market entry strategies, companies, projects and negotiations in various international markets on more continents – from emerging markets up to highly developed countries, from the stage of project vision – up to management of mature existing operating healthcare structures with more thousands of employees.

She has practical experience in various environments of operation – with management positions in large national/multinational corporates, work for state-owned / governmental structures and as a founder and entrepreneur.

As CEO of AQUILIA, she is transforming all the valuable experience, international market intelligence, innovative ideas & proven best industry practice into new concepts and feasible business models. She co-founded AQUILIA with the target to make a difference – and to create a meaningful impact and a footprint in the human-centered industries ecosystems.

Before that, Dagmar was more than 12 years in various management positions within FRESENIUS VAMED, a Fortune 500 international healthcare group. She served as Vice-President of the VAMED mediterra Group and managing director MEDNET, operating several hospitals in the Czech republic. Later on promoted to the HQ of the VAMED Group in Vienna, as Head of international business development – and was in charge of market/business/portfolio development in many markets all over the world (e.g. in the UK, China, South-East Asia, Australia). Several years technically in Vienna, but practically on road more than two-thirds of the year according to the needs of the business, projects and on-site negotiations.

Prior that, Dagmar spent 4 years in Czech state-owned companies and initiatives, under the Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Culture - with focus on international public relations and affairs (including participation in high-level meetings and delegations in many countries) and marketing management. Based on that roots, she still has high affinity to international affairs, infrastructure – and cross-sectoral out-of-the-box thinking and acting.

Dagmar is focusing on new technologies, macro-trends and continuous learning, innovation and development – therefore she holds several Diplomas and Certificates from top world leading universities, such as from the Harvard Business School - Value-Based Healthcare with M.Porter and R.S.Kaplan and Finance (general finance, VC, PE and alternatives), from the Columbia University – Finance (Value Investing), or from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT SLOAN) - in Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare. Her educational background is business and management, she holds a Diploma and MBA (Open University Business School UK, CBS).

Dagmar likes travelling, cuisine, wine, art, cheerful humour, music, dancing – and dialogues with inspirational people.

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