– a new concept of standardized follow-up medical care provision

The SMART rehabilitation center has a modular layout that can be scaled based on the project requirements.

The rehabilitation facility can be extended vertically and can be easily adapted to different plot layouts. The concept integrates high-level technology to optimize the patient pathway – from prevention to at home follow-up recovery.


– facilities combining medical provision with hospitality and leisure features

The medical wellness concept is a bridge between conventional medicine and wellness activities.

The concept offers holistic and integrative approach to personal health due to the wide range of specialists and specifically tailored treatments. Fosters prevention, well-being, vitality – and joy of healthy life.


– concepts for convenient access to outpatient medical care and healthy products

The medical mall concept is a patient-centric model offering complementary medical specialties under one roof together with an advanced retail area.

A medical mall can be established in various sizes and settings – e.g. with primary focus on access to diverse fields of medical care and diagnostics – or models focusing more on on leisure, prevention and wellness services.


– innovative and convenient real estate and medical projects for elderly people

The senior living is a unique concept developed based on the leading trends and best-practice in healthcare and real estate planning.

The growing need for elderly care globally solidifies a high demand for convenient, high-quality solutions leading to satisfied and active senior clients.


– general care facilities and specialized clinics in various fields of medicine

Based on public health data and demand of the region, we form concepts, plan and extend medical facilities in a wide range of medical specialities, e.g. specialized solutions for MSK ( musculoskeletal), Mother and Child or Sports medicine – or general hospitals covering the demand for complex medical care of the particular catchment area.

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