– for corporates, governments, financial institutions and investors

Strategy is the core of every successful venture. We guide companies and institutions in various stages and settings to define and achieve selected goals and to form pathways for the current operations and the future. During the years, we have developed various successful models in many countries on all continents – with the target to jointly achieve best results for the partners.

We have experience with cooperation and work for a wide range of stakeholders, in various settings and countries – and experienced to find best fitting solutions for partner's success.


– high-level innovation strategies for high-potential SMEs up to mature Fortune 500 Groups

International market intelligence, mapping and prediction of the development of the international healthcare landscape and ecosystems is a key to successful business strategy definition.

Therefore, we are operating as a high-level think tank and can bring and implement innovation, ideas and fresh way of thinking and doing to various organisations and settings – to secure long-term competitiveness.


– operational due diligence and management and market growth strategies

Operational due diligence and practical understanding of the company is a cherry in the cake of the whole due diligence process.

We support to get in-depth understanding and assessment of the existing structures, potentials, upsides and downsides – based on practical long-year international management experience in the healthcare industry.

We create pathways of future growth and market expansion, can define synergetic cooperation with various stakeholders to secure company value growth in the future.


– guidance to successful growth on existing and new multinational markets and service lines

We combine international market knowledge, trends and innovation – with best practise management strategies to achieve profitable growth. We can support our partners to understand the national and multinational market environment and unlock new opportunities.

Based on portfolio management we can jointly create new service lines and product to achieve competitive advantage and leading position. We help to find ways, how to develop and strengthen healthcare business.


– market and employer related brand development consulting

Based on vast experience in healthcare marketing management and public relations we are able to offer and implement a tailor-made employer branding plan for healthcare organizations that want to strengthen their brand awareness and reputation vis-à-vis all stakeholders in the industry.

Strong brand reputation is a key to higher competitiveness, boost of sales and presence on the market – and last but not least, plays an important role in the recruitment process and attraction of highly qualified staff.

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