AQUILIA HEALTH is an international healthcare company and the core pillar of AQUILIA GROUP.

Based on rich experience in the international healthcare industry and operational management of healthcare facilities, AQUILIA HEALTH develops innovative business concepts, models and service lines.


SMART REHABILITATION CENTER is a new and innovative concept developed by AQUILIA HEALTH.

SMART is an abbreviation that stands for: Specialized, Multidisciplinary, Academic, Recovering and Technological, and we believe these are the core pillars of the modern rehabilitation care.



The role of AQUILIA CONSULT is to provide strategic business consulting, market intelligence, marketing and branding activities in line with the AQUILIA GROUP strategic direction.


AQUILIA ACADEMY is a project intended to facilitate international know-how exchange consisting of health-related tailor-made programs that are focused on practice and real-world oriented cases.

AQUILIA ACADEMY programs place strong emphasis on the individuality, intuitiveness, informativeness and interaction base. Due to that, participants can indulge in dialogues and exchanges with experienced experts and managers to discuss various medical and non-medical topics.


AQUILIA FINE WINE is an initiative developed by AQUILIA GROUP to promote high-quality European wines on selected international markets.

Our team has a passion for high-quality wines, and vast experience with finding premium wine producers.

Thats is why we created a FINE WINE initiative, and our visiom is to provide our valuable stakeholders with fine selection and to share the story behind its origins.


Lellissa is a comprehensive and robust software that offers valuable solutions to nursing homes, elderly homes, and follow-up care centers, clinics, or departments to document and improve the care processes, and cover all necessary administration of the patient data.

It also can be used for mobile care.


MEDICO stands for the Medical International Community.

It is a project led by an internationally experienced team of experts who aspire to help medical specialists find the right career pathway and accomplish a better future outcome, both on the professional and personal level.

We deliver added value in each step of the recruitment process to our clients through mentoring, guidance and consulting.

Nurses For Future

Nurses For Future is a healthcare project focused on the development of an online communication platform for nurses to share their know-how, experience and knowledge.

Nurses For Future aims to support the idea and the concept of sustainability and value-oriented nursing via a global nursing network, interaction, and exchange platform.

Life Q Med

Life Q Med is a healthcare project related to implementation of patient registries with the aim to enhance treatment and outcome measures and provide value-added care for the healthcare stakeholders.


Doccam is a telemedicine project intended to connect patients with their general practitioners via app and provide both parties with efficient and secure communication.

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